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Football Sports Betting Online

Rating of Football Sports Betting Online by SGR is 0.5 Star

Football Sports Betting Online Review

Sportsbook Name: Football Sports Betting Online
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Sportsbook Review of Football Sports Betting Online
2006/11/24 - Review by Ira Nanson

Football Sports Betting Online is another book parented by the notorious scam operator EZ Sports and join the long list of books that pose a huge risk to customer funds.

The sister sites include:

It's difficult to understand how an operation with a long and reported history of scams, confiscating funds, bending their own rules and generally just stiffing customers from their rightful winnings can remain in business.

Primarily they blind unsuspecting customers with generous bonus awards, extremely generous odds and a professional appearance.

Another trick is to use a domain name that is similar to another and more reputable book so customers who really wanted to register with 888sportsbetting or LasVegasSportsBetting unwittingly sign up at the wrong place.

A typical indicator of a scam book is one that contacts you first. Most often they will purchase customer information from an illegitimate source and establish an account in your name, credit a balance and entice you to start wagering.

Always research the sportsbook and the owners, it will spare you from a heap of frustrations in the long run and SGR promises to provide an unbiased review of all books listed.

Customers are urged to stay away from any book parented by EZ Sports, check out the more reputable books listed on SGR and especially BetCRIS, Pinnacle Sports,, CanBet, BetGameDay, Cascade and WagerWeb.

SGR rates Football Sports Betting Online : Rating of Football Sports Betting Online by SGR is 0.5 Star