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SGR Reviewed BetGameDay at 4 Stars

BetGameDay Review

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Bookmaker Review of BetGameDay
2006/10/11 - Update by Ira Nanson

The bill that was passed in Congress on September 30th was bound to affect some books, especially those low tier and financially unstable ones.

However, nobody was ready for Leisure and Gambling’s shock and perhaps premature decision to quit servicing US customers. Subsequently L&G have reported to Gambling911 that possible buyers have approached them looking to purchase their US facing brands VIP, BetGameDay and Nine.

It makes sense to sell now that they won’t accept US customers and no doubt with the recent acquisition of BetShop L&G will want to shift focus and concentrate on the European market.

It is also rumored that L&G will ultimately revert back to the Private Sector after concluding that going public via a reverse merger has bought nothing but aggravation.

2006/08/22 - Review by Ira Nanson

BetGameDay was first founded in 2001 and is now part of the prestigious Leisure & Gaming Plc and respectfully known as one of the most professional sportsbooks in the industry.

Other members of Leisure & Gaming plc (VIPsports Management Group) include their flagship bookmaker, Betcom, Nine and MyBookie.

BetGameDay have earned several and well deserved endorsements and awards such as the approval of the Off-Shore Gaming Association and Bettor’s World, they are SafeBet Certified, they have been IGC Accredited, Gambling Advisor Approved, and have won the Gambling Online Magazine’s top bookmaker award.

Based in the Netherlands Antilles the bookmaker is powered by IGW (interactive Gaming & Wagering) Software and provides a user friendly website, clear betting screens and is very easy to navigate.

The management team is lead by Blake Whitherspoon who is considered one of the most knowledgeable business man in the industry.

Undoubtedly you will recieve a personalized high quality customer service 24/7/365.  Much like Advantage Sports Betting, Betgameday pay special attention to the individual needs of each customer and thanks to a great retention program they have a large and loyal following.

Other attractions include:

  • Attractive promotions and large bonus offers;
  • Reload bonus;
  • Prompt payouts;
  • Competitively priced parlays.

Only very minor flaws or imperfections can be found with the games, the only one worth mentioning is the process time to make a bet it is sometimes slow especially during crunch time.

Registered on the London Stock Exchange you are guaranteed a safe betting environment that is ideal for recreational and small players. This is your chance to make a perfect decision!

SGR rating of the online bookmaker BetGameday: SGR Reviewed BetGameDay at 4 Stars