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Betcom Review

Sportsbook Name: Betcom
Sportsbook URL: Merged with Nine
Sportsbook Review of Betcom
2006/11/18 - Update by Brian Taylor

Betcom players accounts were transfered this morning to Nine Sportsbook. Any real money balance and pending sports / horse wagers were also transfered. Betcom players username and password remained the same to access their new Nine Sportsbook account.

2006/08/23 - Reviewed by Ira Nanson

Located in Costa Rica and owned by the much respected Leisure & Gaming Plc, UK.  Betcom is amongst the top listed sportsbook in the industry and related to the equally respected: MyBookie, Nine, and BetGameDay.

With a mission to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience Betcom have a lot of needs to meet!

So what do they provide?

  • Big bonus awards, plus reduced juice and free half points. (Full details can be found on the BENEFITS section of their website) ;
  • A wide variety of wagering options including the hard to find "drag racing".  And if something is not available online you can request it and the Linesman will make every effort to get it on the board ;
  • Early lines ;
  • Fast reliable payouts, in-fact they boast that they have never had a "no-pay" incident in all their business years, even the lucky punter who won half a million dollars last year was paid in full and is still a valued player ;
  • An impressive VIP Program gives you a personalised service and a one stop shopping experience ;
  • Using ASI Software, the website is user friendly, easy to navigate and provides a lot of educational material plus a clear breakdown of how online betting works - great for newcomers ;
  • An admirable and very courteous customer service which is available via live chat, telephone and email - 7 days from 8am EST until the second half of the last game starts.

To broaden their community spirit and following the much hyped Super Bowl Party at the Whiskey Bar in Las Vegas, Betcom are now commited to hosting parties all year round and promise to visit your area so that you can meet the staff, enjoy good food, have some drinks and watch a game.  And if you didnt know already, Betcom are affiliated with Black Entertainment Television Inc so you may get to meet a few celebrities too.

You will be pleased to know that invitations are not just limited to high rollers!

You should not experience many complaints with this shop unless you make steam or sharp plays and Betcom reduces your limits.

Betcom endeavors to outperform the competition and delivers the ultimate gaming experience

Sports Gambling Review rating of Betcom Sportsbook: Sportsbook Rating of Betcom by SGR is 4 Stars