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Best Low Juice Sportsbooks

WagerWeb American Sportsbook Players Allowed Online Sportsbook Accepting Canadian Players   WagerWeb Review 
Why play at WagerWeb
  • Get -108 juice via their 2% cash back on every sports bet
  • 75% in sign up bonuses
  • Reload bonus on all deposits
  • Free contest and other cool prizes
  • Great loyalty program

BetJamaica American Sportsbook Players Allowed Online Sportsbook Accepting Canadian Players   Bet Jamaica Sportsbook Review 
Why play at BetJamaica
  • Nickel Juice night is every Friday night during the college and NFL season
  • 20% cash bonus on first deposit
  • Re-up bonus on all qualified deposits
  • Free contest and other cool prizes
  • Parlay refund and other special promotions

SuperBook US Sports Wagering Players Invited   SuperBook Sportsbook Rating 
Why play at SuperBook
  • Half price juice ever Friday on College and Pro basketball
  • Up to 15% bonus on first deposit - up to $500 free
  • Offers one $10 no-lose bet every Sunday
  • 5% reload bonus for existing players
  • 25% referral special

Pinnacle Sports Online Bookmaker Canada Sports Betting Australia Sports Gambling Pinnacle Rating 
Pinnacle Sports Review  

Why Select Pinnacle Sports Betting

  • Up to 60% better odds with -104 style pricing on NFL sides and MLB
  • -105 pricing on NBA, NHL, Soccer, College Football and Basketball
  • 7% cash back on US horse wagers & 0.3% rebate on casino betting
  • 1st & 2nd halves, quarters and props at -110 and less

CanBet European SportsBetting Canada Sportsbook Australia Online Sportsbook   CanBet Rating 
CanBet Review  

Why Select CanBet

  • -107 style pricing on NFL and NBA sides and totals
  • Up to 20% signup bonus + free bets
  • Propositions, 1st & 2nd halves at -110
  • Squares, high rollers, bookies and sharps are welcome

Reduced Juice Sportsbooks

Are reduced juice lines right for you? Many online sportsbooks offer reduced juice lines. In case you don't know what "juice" is, it's the vig or whatever else you feel like calling it. Basically, it's the house's commission for doing business with you.

A traditional online sportsbook will offer games on -110 lines. You've probably head of dime lines (or 10 cent lines). When an online sportsbook offers dime lines, the game would be based at -105.

Perhaps you are thinking it's no big deal and you may be right. Unless you bet a lot and often, the difference may be negligible to you and seeking an online sportsbook by putting reduced juice lines as the main criterion may not be the best choice.

Low Juice Model

Your typical reduced juice online sportsbook will be free from frills. This means no nice depositing bonuses or super reload bonuses and so forth. It's a bettor's house for hardcore sports bettors. Honestly, if you are wagering less than $100 weekly, it's not going to matter much.

However, if you are wagering a good amount daily, perhaps reduced juice is something to look into. Keep in mind that your typical reduced juice online sportsbook is not going to give you great customer service. We're talking email at best possibly. Since they offer reduced juice lines, they keep all the extras to a minimum.

Open Multiple Sportsbook Accounts

Even if you are a sports bettor with a big bankroll, you'll want to register with at least three sportsbooks - in our opinion. Value shopping is easier today than it ever has been. By having three good online sportsbook sources, you'll be able to get the best value for your money time and time again.

Sports Gambling Review is a great place to find those sportsbooks. We have independently generated comprehensive reviews on hundreds of online sportsbooks. Our reviews include the time in business, payment methods, contact info, company info, services offered, SGR rating and more.

Online Sportsbook Review

Sports Gambling Review is a free service. You can use our online sportsbook review service anytime you like day or night. You can also take comfort in knowing that we don't charge or accept money for online sportsbook reviews. Our reviewing service is done completely free, which allows us to produce 100% unbiased online sportsbook reviews for you.

If you have experience with any online sportsbooks, make sure you drop us a line and let us know.

Did you decide to look for a reduced juice online sportsbook? Here's our list of the best reduced juice online sportsbooks.



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