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88 Sports Betting

Sportsbook Rating of 88 Sports Betting  is 0.5 Star

88 Sports Betting Review

Sportsbook Name: 88 Sports Betting
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Sportsbook Review of 88 Sports Betting
2006/09/14 - Review by Ira Nanson

Online since 2001, 88 Sports Betting, not to be confused with 888 Sports Betting were initially a sub-licensee of the more respectable Sinsational Intertainment who terminated the relationship back in 2004. Ever since, 88 Sports Betting have been parented by EZ Sports who have failed to achieve any respect within the industry.

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Why does this operation rates High Risk?

Simple, they put customers over a barrel with a promise of a payment plan on condition no complaints are lodged against the book. This a common tactic of similar high risk / scam operations who do not want negative attention especially during high traffic periods. Rarely customers receive a payout on time and most of the time, promises are empty.

Customer service is available via live chat, email and telephone but its no surprise that the service has an equally poor reputation.

Additionally, on the surface the website gives the impression of a decent book offering lines on all major sports and generous bonus awards, however overly generous bonus awards is a good indicator of a high risk book. Another common factor includes minimal deposit methods with a strong push on NETeller since this method eliminates the risk of chargebacks.

Quite often they will obtain customer information by purchasing stolen databases. Tthe general scheme is to create an account, credit a bonus and notify the customer of an existing balance which grabs their attention and most often their custom....., lambs to the slaughter!

Act cautiously whenever selecting a new book and be suspicious of any operation that contacts you via email. Especially if you've never heard of them. Check out their rating on Sports Gambling Review, we guarantee a true and an unbiased opinion.

Stick with the professional books that are insured such as AdvantageSportsBetting, Bet365, BetCRIS, BetGameDay, Bowmans, CanBet, Cascade, Diamond, Mansion, Pinnacle, Skybook, VIP and WagerWeb.

You are guaranteed a payout with an insured book up to the amount insured in the event they wrongly deny a payout and/or they go out of business.

SGR Sports Gambling Review rates 88 Sports Betting at : Sportsbook Rating of 88 Sports Betting  is 0.5 Star