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Bookmaker Review of BetCRIS
2007/03/02 - Update by Brian Taylor

As of yesterday, All BetCRIS U.S. accounts have been moved to Bookmaker, which means that you can enjoy the same great BetCRIS services plus new betting products, deposit methods and enhancements directly via Bookmaker Bookmaker .

BetCRIS plan to focus it's betting activities and marketing on international markets.

SGR invite new US & Canadian players interested in playing with the CRIS Group to visit their new bookmaker at

2007/01/17 - Update by Ira Nanson

The gaming industry experienced yet another tremor this week when the original founders of NETeller were arrested on Monday in connection with the United States 1961 Wire Act. Since the founders are Canadian citizens and are only shareholders of the company they were not expecting to be targeted by the Feds.

As reported by MajorWager : MICHAEL J. GARCIA, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and MARK J. MERSHON, the Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI"), announced today that STEPHEN ERIC LAWRENCE and JOHN DAVID LEFEBVRE were arrested yesterday in connection with the creation and operation of an internet payment services company that facilitated the transfer of billions of dollars of illegal gambling proceeds from United States citizens to the owners of various internet gambling companies located overseas.

And now Citadel has shut down the financial processing for non-domestic internet gaming merchants for USA consumers. What does this mean - no more e-Checks!!

With the sudden departure of Pinnacle from the US market many are asking if they knew something others didn't, the answer is no but wisely they chose to concentrate on the European and Asian markets knowing that transacting funds with US customers would eventually be too hard, if not impossible!

With major bloodlines severed many books may face hardship, Bodog however remain confident that they will benefit from bettors looking for alternative routes to send funds.

CRIS have other ideas and seem to think that buying their own territory would shelter them from the US crackdown. Eric Williamson, head of international operations at BetCRIS is quoted as saying it's a sensible response to the U.S. government's efforts to stop overseas gaming companies pitching their service to the U.S. customers online.

The territory is Sealand, a 650 square yard wartime fort located six miles off the coast of Suffolk, England. It was once a World War II anti-aircraft platform turned radio station in 1967 by a former army major, Roy Bates who claimed Sealand a sovereign and independent state.

The cost of writing their own laws and avoiding extradition could cost CRIS tens of millions providing Prince Roy drops the asking price of hundreds of millions.

It's unlikely to ever get off the ground though (so to speak) because no government or international body has offered Sealand diplomatic recognition and this is desperately needed so that no outside source can intervene in their affairs.

Not to mention that staffing the potential BetCris HQ would not be easy, or cheap.

Sealand - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2006/08/15 - Review by Ira Nanson

Where the line originates!!!

That is perhaps the most infamous description of the offshore bookmaker BetCRIS, it is the common belief that most books will not even open a line until BetCRIS has established a number.  Every odds service, Vegas sportsbooks and bookmakers from around the world depends upon BetCRIS to create a market place for sports betting players.

It is long established that they pioneered the gaming industry way back in 1985 when they first introduced an offshore bookmaker in the Dominican Republic starting a billion dollar sports betting industry.  The pied piper of the gaming industry was also the first to move their operations to Costa Rica in 1993 and many other books quickly followed.

Defined as a global leader, BetCRIS have proven that they are not afraid to take risks and just like BetCascade they cater to all types of bettors and take some of the largest wagers in the industry.  If the online limits are not hig enough you can ask them for more.  This is definitely where the professional players like to play!

What else do they have to offer?

  1. WAP (wireless application protocol) allows you to wager anytime, anywhere;
  2. Maximum online wager: $5000, maximum over the phone wager is a staggering $20,000;
  3. Same day payouts, 5 days a week.
  4. 24/7/365 customer service via live chat, email and telephone;
  5. An abundance of diverse betting options;
  6. Site navigation is easy and attractive.

Complaints?  Nothing really to report, just juice and limits.

Oh but be warned if you are signing up an account and it doesn't seem to go through, you need to scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the page to find out why.

If you are either a sophisticated, professional or square player, you will be more than welcome at BetCRIS.

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