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Cascade Sportsbook

SGR Sportsbook Rating of Cascade Sportsbook : 3 Stars

Cascade Sportsbook Review

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Sportsbook Review of Cascade Sportsbook

2006/08/15 - Review by Ira Nanson

Look who is going into discount wagering ?  BetCascade is the latest online sportsbook going into the low juice business.  Following the succes of Pinnacle Sports and Canbet, Cascade Sportsbook has decided to move forward with 10 cents line on straight bets, sides and totals in College and Pro football, NCAA and NBA Basketball and MLB Baseball.

Located in Costa Rica and operating since 1995 Cascade Sportsbook also known as BetCascade is certainly a no frills operation.  Using ASI Software the layout of the website is very basic and uncomplicated, adversely there is perhaps not enough information directly available and the need to contact customer support is frustratingly necessary.

Frustrating because contacting customer support is not always an easy task, despite having a live chat feature.

So what are the benefits?

They have a strong management team.  They cater to all types of bettors and are not afraid to take risks which is fast becoming uncommon in the gaming industry.  If the online limits are not high enough you can call and ask them for more.  BetCascade take some of the largest wagers in the industry.

To add to their charm they offer great bonus incentives for you to choose from - go ahead visit and see whats on offer!

Because of the simplicity they receive very few complaints and those are more relative to the withdrawal fees and customer support.

This is a great sportsbook for recreational and professional players alike.

Veterans in the industry you can be sure that your investment is safe with BetCascade.

A well deserved: SGR Sportsbook Rating of Cascade Sportsbook : 3 Stars