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EZ Sports Betting

SGR Rating for EZ Sports Betting is 0.5 Star

EZ Sports Betting Review

Sportsbook Name: EZ Sports Betting
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Sportsbook Review of EZ Sports Betting

2006/08/17 - Review by Brian Taylor

EZ Sports Betting book is part of a fraudulant online sportsbook network of 100+ sites run by a very small group of individuals believed to be located in the Montreal (Quebec) area.

Most of the sites used by this scam network of sportsbooks are owned by ex sub-licencees of World Gaming Titanic Casino and Marketing Partners of Sinsational Entertainment.

The concept to run a scam sportsbook is usually quite simple:

  • Big bonuses - in this case EZ Sports Betting are presently offering 20% up to $1,000.
  • Professionally design website;
  • Very few deposit methods - no credit card since processors won`t take them as a client;
  • Push NETeller as much as possible - eradicates any possible chargebacks by their clients;
  • Buy sportsbook customers information from stolen lists and create an account, credit +/- $10 and notify the customer;
  • Spam the search engines with cloaking techniques and cross linking between network of sites;
  • Advertise live chat and toll free phone - good luck reaching them.

How to avoid getting ripped off by scam sportsbooks like EZ Sports Betting ?

  1. Check their rating on Sports Gambling Review and be sure to play at insured sportsbooks only. That way, you are garanteed to get your money back (up to the amount insured) if they do go out of business or refuse to pay;
  2. Stay away from unknown sportsbooks that contact you via e-mail;
  3. Stay away from sportsbooks with offers too good to be true - 20% and more;
  4. Check their deposit methods - only 3-4 options should be considered as suspicious;
  5. Check their Alexa ranking - this cool feature is available on SportsGamblingReview - stay away from sportsbooks ranked in the millions;
  6. Look who the parent company is behind the operation and do some reseach on it;
  7. Still not sure - drop us an e-mail and we will be glad to help you out.

EZSportsBetting and the rest of the EZ Sports scam / fraudulant sportsbook group rated: SGR Rating for EZ Sports Betting is 0.5 Star