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Major Betting

Sportsbook Rating by SGR for Major Betting is 1.5 Stars

Major Betting Review

Sportsbook Name: Major Betting
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Sportsbook Review of Major Betting
2006/10/24 - Review by Ira Nanson

Major Betting are parented by the Bet Royal Group once highly respected name but failed to retain it due to poor choices and changes in management.

Proving their commitment to put their operations back to tier one of the gamin industry, they have drafted back the original founder Chester who will reintroduce old school formulas and good, honorable intentions.

The Bet Royal group also operate other sites including Gamblers Avenue, Lay107 and Bet Royal.

The Bet Royal Group use the same ASI software as some of the top notch books such as 5Dimes, BetJamaica, Pinnacle, SkyBook anf The Greek, but unlike the obvious lure and attraction of those sites, MajorBetting is poor by comparison and the layout needs improvement, pages load slowly and sometimes pages cannot be displayed.

Wager types include teasers and parlays up to 8 teams, point buys, money lines, spreads, totals, If bets, action reverse, futures and horse racing.

Industry standard bonus offers but the 10x rollover requirement is higher than normal.

Customer support is only availble via email and telephone but all reports indicate that they provice a good service.

The maximum wagering limit on all sporting events is $1000

Members must be 21 years and older

NETeller and Person to Person Transfer are the only deposit methods available but this is most likely because of the Unlawful Internet Gambling ACT 2006 which makes it allegal for financial institutions and credit card companies to process payments to settle Internet bets.

This new law will effect the stability of some of the most solid books in the industrry but most will find their way around it. However fragile operations may just become more fragile.

For a safer bet choose a high ranking sportsbook preferably one that is insured with Sports Gambling Review such as BetCRIS, CanBet, Cascade, Diamond and Pinnacle that way you are guaranteed to get money back, up to the amount insured should the book go out of business or they fail to pay without reasonable cause.

SGR Sports Gambling Review rate Major Betting : Sportsbook Rating by SGR for Major Betting is 1.5 Stars