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Gamblers Avenue

Sportsbook Rating for Gamblers Avenue is a poor 1.5 Stars

Gamblers Avenue Review

Sportsbook Name: Gamblers Avenue
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Sportsbook Review of Gamblers Avenue
2006/12/18 - Review by Ira Nanson

Gamblers Avenue is owned by the Royal Sports Group which is widely known by many, especially those bettors who have been cheated out of winning bets or lost their entire account balance. Originally the operations were established in Curacao but for reasons unclear they moved to Costa Rica in 2005.

Other books belonging to Royal Sports Group include BetRoyal, Lay107 and Major Betting. Offline books include Charter and EvertonBet.

The sportsbook is powered by ASI software which is the popular choice of many books especially the top shelf ones such as 5Dimes Sportsbook, Cascade Sportsbook, BetGrande, Heritage Sports, Nine Sportsbook, Pinnacle Sports Betting, Skybook and The Greek Sportsbook.

To entice unsuspecting customers in to joining and sending funds most scam and high risk books host professional looking websites, they say all the right things but do all the wrong things! Gamblers Avenue looks professional, the speed is efficient but you may find some broken links when navigating.

The sportsbook offers odds on football, baseball, basketball, boxing, golf, ice hockey, motor sports, cricket, rugby, soccer, tennis and novelty bets.

Bet types include straight, parlays, teasers, if bets, action reverses, futures, round robins, three way line, props, quarter / half lines, totals, buy points, point spread, money line and Asian handicap.

Various deposit options are available and include :

  • Credit / Debit cards with a minimum of $20 and the maximum limit is $1000.
  • NETeller and InstaCash minimum is $20 / maximum limit $3000.
  • FedEx and FirePay minimum is $20 / maximum is unlimited.
  • Money transfer minimum limit is $50 / maximum is unlimited.
  • Wire transfer minimum is $25 / maximum is unlimited.
  • Bank draft minimum is $25 / maximum $5000 per month.

There are plenty of ways to get your money in but you may have problems getting it back out again...

A typical indicator of bottom tier books are overly generous bonus offers. When I asked Gamblers Avenue 'if I deposit $10,000 today - will you give me 25% bonus = $2500 or is there a maximum limit" - Paola answered: We do not have a limit.

When I reported that the join page was down Paola responded: You can go to Bet Royal we are the same company but actually you can get better bonuses in Bet Royal.

So there you have it!!

Researching this book has been like reading a soap opera, not only have they been linked to elaborate scams which is mediocre compared to some wide-eyed reports that include a well respected review site whose staff were the victims of armed intimidation when they went to meet with Royal in Costa Rica . Apparently because they reported that Tej was the new owner he sent armed thugs to detain them and change their views. Thankfully nobody was hurt and the police arrested the thugs without incident.

With a huge record of payout complaints, brutality and threats to a customer who was told "we are coming for you" we strongly advice that you stay far away from Gamblers Avenue and any site operated by Royal Sport Group.

SGR Sports Gambling Review rate Gamblers Avenue :Sportsbook Rating for Gamblers Avenue is a poor 1.5 Stars