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Sportsbook Rating by SGR for BetRoyal is 1.5 Stars

BetRoyal Review

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Sportsbook Review of BetRoyal
2007/03/30 - Review by Ira Nanson

2007 marks the 10 year anniversary for BetRoyal which is a major accomplishment and something to really celebrate in the sportsbook industry. But what keeps this poor rated sportsbook in business.

Great promotions, that's what!! Generally the terms are so customer friendly that bettors keep them on their list of favorites and return time and time again. But one rule of thumb is 'if the rules are not clear, always check with the account managers to avoid any disagreements later on'.

Most slow pay complaints have stemmed from professional players who built up a five figure balance and then panicked to get their money out quickly. Commonly if a book offers great promos and bonuses it's a clear indication that they don't cater to professional bettors and undoubtedly they encounter audits and consequential problems. BetRoyal on the other hand seem to be initiating great efforts to retain all customers and have decided to approach this problem in a more proactive way by offering two different types of account: Traditional with a regular line and promos, or Professional which equates to reduced juiced and reduced promo eligibility.

All players will benefit from a good selection of sporting events ranging from America's most popular to horse racing, boxing, cricket, rugby, exotics, politics and many more.

Bet types include straights, parlays, teasers, if bets, actions reverses, futures, round robins, three way line, quarter / half time lines, totals, buy points, spread, money lines and Asian handicap.

The sportsbook is powered by ASI software which is the number one choice of many top notch books including Pinnacle, 5Dimes, BetJamaica and The Greek. The functionality of the website is not bad but some reports indicate that pages time out especially during peak periods.

Friendly, knowledgeable customer support agents are available 24/7/365 and can be contacted via live chat, email or a toll free telephone service.

There are not many scandals to be found in this royal household, they do seem to be on the rise and are well worth keeping on the list of 'go to' books but wager with caution.

SGR Sports Gambling Review rate BetRoyal: Sportsbook Rating by SGR for BetRoyal is 1.5 Stars