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SGR Rating by Ira Nanson for Lessjuice is 3.0 Stars

Lessjuice Review

Sportsbook Name: Lessjuice
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Sportsbook Review of Lessjuice
2006/09/20 - Review by Ira Nanson

Online since 2002 Lessjuice are owned by Business Management International who also parent/host Bet Any Sports, Bet Prime Time, ChineseBookie, YouWager, BetGrandSlam, BetPop, VietBet and Wager7.

Lessjuice claim to be the pioneers of discount wagering and have afforded this by investing a million dollars in to a revolutionary software package and using state of the art computer technology which reduces their overheads by no less than 30%, comparative to their competitors (bolony !!!!)

That's impressive (yeah right), but unfortunately the functionality of the website contradicts that claim and everything about the site screams stay away! The overall look is stale, some links are dis-functional, pages cannot be found or you may just be restricted by a run time error. All of these problems were encountered from the homepage and the demo area. Unfortunately, or perhaps gladly I was not able to sign up an account because that page wasn't working either!

Lessjuice is powered by ASI software a choice made by some of the top listed sportsbooks including 5Dimes, BetJamaica, Cascade, Pinnacle Sports Betting, Skybook, TheGreek, Nine, MyBookie, Betcom, Grande and HeritageSports but that is the only comparison they share with those books.

  • The maximum payout for parlays is 150-1
  • Deposit methods are limited to NETeller, Credit Cards and Money Transfer
  • Customer support is limited to telephone only.

If it's less juice (discount wagering) you are looking for perhaps you should check out what Pinnacle Sports Betting, Cascade and Canbet are offering. You are also guaranteed top notch customer service, more deposit options, security and site reliability with the top listed sportsbooks.

After doing some more research, I found out that Lessjuice is not even offering discount wagering...worse than that, they offer 20 cent MLB lines when most online books offer 10 cent lines. Their about page claim that they offer better teasers and parlays prices. Another Costa Rican book run by some amateurs. Perhaps they should change their name to MoreJuice !

SGR Sports Gambling Review rates Lessjuice: SGR Rating by Ira Nanson for Lessjuice is 3.0 Stars