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Gamblers Palace

Gamblers Palace Sportsbook Rating is 0.5 Star / Scam

Gamblers Palace Review

Sportsbook Name: Gamblers Palace
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Sportsbook Review of Gamblers Palace
2006/09-25 - Review by Ira Nanson

Based in Costa Rica, Gamblers Palace was established in 1998 and together with their sister book Skytower Sportsbook they have amassed a long history of slow and no-pay complaints from customers.

Too good to be true bonus offers are indicative of a scam book and Gamblers Palace is currently offering 50% to new customers. Large bonus offers are designed to get depositors in so they can raise funds. Basically Ace Band Ltd have no money and they rely on unwitting and amateur bettors so they can stay in business.

The overall appearance of the website is professional and they have opted to use Digital Gaming Solutions a software used by some top listed books such as CRIS and Diamond Sportsbook, but don't be fooled in to believing that they are comparably equal to them.

Customer support is available via live chat, email and telephone and not surprisingly the service is also bad, that's if you do get a response.

Most commonly, scam books purchase customer information from stolen data base lists and introduce themselves with the promise of free bets and a substantially high bonus offer.

Always research the sportsbook and the parent company before investing any funds, if they are not yet listed on Sports Gambling Review send us an email and we will gladly research the company for you.

Check out their Alexa Traffic Ranking at Sports Gambling Review and stay away in they are ranked in their millions

With insured, solid books like Pinnacle, VIP, CRIS, Advantage Sports Betting, Bet365, BetGameDay, BetWWTS, Bodog, Bowmans, Canbet and Cascade around why bother risking your hard earned bucks with a shop that potentially wont pay out when you win.

SGR Sports Gambling Review rate Gamblerspalace : Gamblers Palace Sportsbook Rating is 0.5 Star / Scam