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Total Bets

Sportsbook Rating by SGR for Total Bets is 1 Star

Total Bets Review

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Sportsbook Review of Total Bets
2006/11/27 - Reviewed by Ira Nanson

Totalbets is the scam book that is strategically named to saddle the more respected sportsbook Total Bet. This is a common tactic used by dubious operations to con unsuspecting customers in to signing up an account and depositing with them.

In fact, the Apex organization uses this trick regularly so be vigilant when searching for the more solid shops like TotalBet, Legendz and LasPalmas, you may just end up at Legend Sportsbook, Las Palmas Sportsbook or indeed Total Bets. Other books operated by this reprehensible operation are AmericasBookie, Bet33, CanadasBookie and Ocean Sportsbook.

The man behind the company is Robbie McPhail and the most memorable excuse for stiffing customers most definitely belongs to this guy. He was once quoted as saying "that he needed their money to fund his next venture" Perhaps Robbie is confused by the whole concept of honor and truth...

The website design is professional and so is the performance but that can be contributed to the ASI software that they have opted to use, just like some of the top shelf books such as 5Dimes, BetJamaica, Cascade, Pinnacle Sports, SkyBook and The Greek. But that's where the similarity ends!!

Nobody has ever had a good word to say about this operation, all reports indicate that they don't pay out and their business model is too scam as many people as possible.

Stay clear of any enterprise operated by Robbie McPhail and/or Apex. Always research books before investing your time and money with them, SGR promises to provide a completely unbiased review and we will be happy to research a book especially for you if it's not already listed.

SGR Sports Gambling Review rates Total Bets: Sportsbook Rating by SGR for Total Bets is 1 Star