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Sportsbook Rating for AmericasBookie is a Poor 1 Star

Americasbookie Review

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Sportsbook Review of Americasbookie
2006/10/24 - Reviewed by Ira Nanson

Americasbookie is part of a network scam operated by Apex and run by Robbie McPhail, who has a long shameful history in the gaming industry of no payouts and in particular, shutting up shop and starting again under the guise of a new website. Commonly they choose domain names closely related to reputable books like LasPalmas and Legendz and spam email lists advertising fantastic bonus offers so that unwitting customers will deposit with them.

Watch out for other related sites such as: Bet33, CanadasBookie, Las Palmas Sportsbook, Legend Sportsbook, Ocean Sportsbook and TotalBets.

Typically scam books will purchase stolen customer data, create an account using the same password the customer had used and fund it with an attractive bonus. Unfortunately too many customers are duped in to this scam without questioning how the book got their email address or without doing any research on the site or the people behind it.

In accordance to normal spam tactics Americasbookie is very appealing, it hosts a website that is very professional in appearance and advertise extravagant bonus awards.

Customer service is available but it's limited to email and telephone use only but you are not likely to get any response to your emails.

We are not going to waste any time telling you about the attractions of this site because we strongly urge that you to stay away. For any customers with funds in any of APEX sites you are strongly advised to withdraw them and invest in a book that is well established with a solid reputation and ranked amongst the top listed operations.

Check out the list of sportsbook rankings on Sports Gambling Review. Or if you want an unbiased review on any book that is not listed drop us an email and we would be happy to research it for you.

SGR Sports Gambling Review rate AmericasBookie Sportsbook Rating for AmericasBookie is a Poor 1 Star