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Sportsbook Rating for BetWho is 2.5 Stars

BetWho Review

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Sportsbook Review of BetWho
2006/12/18 - Review by Ira Nanson

Online since 2001 BetWho is related to sister site PlatinumSB and owned by Ali Eltaib.

The website is attractive, the look reminds me of Bodog but not as user friendly. Once logged in to the member's area the navigation gets a little more curious, there isn't a list of sporting events like standard books, instead you need to select the Wagering Menu and choose the wager type first. It's featureless and really quite bland.

The speed of the website is generally good but I did encounter some server errors when navigating the pages.

BetWho is powered by ASI software the choice of many top tier books including 5Dimes, Cascade, Betcom, BetJamaica, BetGrande, HeritageSports, MyBookie, Nine, Pinnacle, Skybook and The Greek.

Wager types include live betting, straight bets, parlays, buy points, teasers, futures and props. Odds are available on American football, basketball, hockey, soccer, auto sports, boxing, golf, horse racing and tennis.

Deposit options include Credit Card, NETeller, Western Union, Moneygram. Moneybookers, FedEx and Bank Wire.

The minimum deposit value for NETeller is $25 but there are no minimum limits stated for the other methods. The maximum for all transaction is $1000 per transaction, per week. Fees are reimbursed for deposits of $250 or more for fedex, moneygram and western union.

Generous bonus options are available plus reduced juice -105 during NFL season.

BetWho will not tolerate sharps or wiseguy action and they have a reported history of confiscating customer funds. The book remained defensive stating that winnings were accrued from a bonus intended for recreational bettors only. A copy of the statement is published in the Rating section of their site complete with some very obvious spelling mistakes.

The book has incorporated a Bonus Pyramiding rule in their terms and conditions which basically state's bettors are not allowed to lay the entire bonus, deposit and winning amount consecutively when wagering.

e.g. Bonus $100 + Deposit $500 = $600 1st wager. Win $1200 - 2nd wager $1200, and so on.

The relationship between PlatinumSB and the infamous Robbie McPhail is questionable, many will know him as the scam book operator who steals customer funds, shuts up shop and launches another site under the guise of a new name. Way back in 2004 when he closed up APEX Sportsbook the square players were transferred to PlatinumSB and subsequently Robbie McPhail was introduced as the Customer Service Manager.

In 2005 PlatinumSB announced that they no longer had any association with Robbie. Good riddance - in our opinion anything that Robbie is involved in should be avoided at all cost!

Overall BetWho provides a very average book and offers very little to get excited about.

SGR Sports Gambling Review rate BetWho: Sportsbook Rating for BetWho is 2.5 Stars