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Sportsbook Rating or Bestline Sports is 3 Stars

Bestline Sports Review

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Sportsbook Review of Bestline Sports

2006/09/01 - Review by Ira Nanson

Since the inception of Bestline Sports in 1991 they have maintained a solid reputation and have established a name for themselves in a highly competitive sports gambling industry.

Sadly however, although there is no negativity surrounding Bestline Sports, they have recently been linked to Betonsports and brothers Joseph "Boca Joe" and Joseph Jr Fafone who were previously convicted in 2002 for collecting bets in Florida as agents of Bestline. Prosecutors described the Fafones as a father-and-son team connected to the notorious Gambino crime syndicate.

The BetonSports spokesman, insists that any link between his company and Bestline Sports occurred before the company floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2004. "If we had a relationship it was a landlord-tenant style relationship. We have zero control over them," he said.

Related site:

Both sites are independantly owned. Company CEO is Eddie Robbins

Using ASI Software like most of the top listed books in the industry: MyBookie, Betcom, BetJamaica, Skybook, WagerWeb and BetCascade so you can be sure of reliability, clean and crisp betting screens

Bestline Sports offer an extensive selection of betting options from the standard to the more exotic round robins, pleasers, If bets, reverses and the ability to buy points.

If you like teasers you will be satisfied with their large selection:

  • Vegas teasers - totals allowed except in college basketball, open spots allowed ;
  • Special teasers - up to 15 teams, 13 points football, 10 points basketball, totals allowed except in college basketball, open spots allowed ;
  • 21 Point Super teaser (football only) No totals or open spots allowed. Maximum risk amount $5000 ;
  • 3 Point first half and half time teasers (football and basketball) Totals allowed, no open spots, no added games allowed, you may not tease both sides of the same line ;
  • Arena football and Canadian football teasers - up to 10 teams and 7� points, no open spots allowed ;
  • WNBA and WNCAA basketball teasers - up to 7 teams and 6 points, no open spots allowed ;
  • MLB 1�- Run Total Teasers - no open spots, you may not tease both sides of a line.

All subject to terms and ties result in a loss.

You will find futures and props for Indy Racing League, Tennis, Golf, Nascar, F1, Cricket World Cup, Entertainment, Politics, Celebrity, Poker, Snooker.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced juice! 8 cent juice Football - online only ;
  • Free printable schedules ;
  • First class customer service available 24/7/365 via live chat, email and telephone.

Great bonus and promo opportunities, However there are restrictions! Bonuses are not awarded to customers outside the US and Canada. Bonuses are for recreational players only, professional players may not be eligible.

Apart from the bonus restrictions you may be disappointed to know that Poker is not offered and there is limited soccer action.

Bestline Sports can satisfy the needs of the most discriminating sports bettor. Whether you are a professional player of recreational, you won't be disappointed if you add them to your potential sportsbooks listing.

SGR rating of Bestline Sports : Sportsbook Rating or Bestline Sports is 3 Stars