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ABC Islands

SGR Rating of ABC Islands is 3 Stars

ABC Islands Review

Sportsbook Name: ABC Islands
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Sportsbook Review of ABC Islands
2006/08/23 - Review by Ira Nanson

ABCIslands otherwise known as BetABC claim to be King of the Teasers and pride themselves on offering the best teaser odds in the industry and large bonus packages, perfect for their target audience of recreational and small players.

Online since 1996 they are proud members of the DPT Sports Group and related to: Jazz Casino & Sportsbook and Loose Lines.

For your full entertainment needs ABCIslands provides sports, poker, horses, an online casino and 4 land-based casino's.  For full details of the beautiful casino / hotels that are located in Costa Rica check out

Also available are book to book transfers with the following approved sportsbooks: WagerWeb, Cascade, CRIS, DelMar, MyBookie, Hollywood, Pinnacle, Rio - Skybook and Tradewinds.

ABCIslands are reputed to have the best live lines in the business and great teaser odds - TIES WIN on regular teasers. They also offer generous bonus offers.

Customer service available via live chat, email and telephone.  Although the wagering department is on hand 24/7 for lines, wagers and any game related questions, customer support who provide a service relating to transactions and bonuses is only available from 5:30AM to 10:30PM, PDT.

Prompt payouts 7 days a week - with a promise to process within 30 minutes of your request, which is indeed questionable and something that I am about to complain about:

(Chat between SGR and ABCislands clerk)

  • SGR: Your site states that payouts are done within 30 minutes of request but how can that promise be met if CS locks down at 10:30PM, PDT ?
  • ABC: Obviously as long as we are open.  If someone expects a payout after 10:30PM to be done within 30 mins, they are going to have a tough time finding a book.
  • SGR: Not so obvious - your site doesn't state the times that CS operates therefore I would make the site more accurate if I was you guys!
  • ABC: We don't feel that this is necessary.

Are they forgetting that this is a global industry with different time zones!

My advice to SGR readers is check for facts if you are unsure about anything!

Based on my chat experience, you won't be surprised to learn that they have a history of rude clerks.  Other complaints relate to External Network Errors and customers unable to access the site and/or lose connection.

Despite the minor imperfections ABCIslands have established a good name in a highly competitive industry.  Based on their longevity in the business, a solid financial structure and a desirable reputation of stability and security they are listed amongst the top shops in the industry.

SGR rating of ABCIslands: SGR Rating of ABC Islands is 3 Stars