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Sportsbook Rating for BookTheBet is a Single Star

BookTheBet Review

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Sportsbook Review of BookTheBet
2006/10/05 - Review by Ira Nanson

BookTheBet was established in 2004 and rumored to have been established by two men Anthony Salas and Marty Kidd. Their previous interest was uwagersports which vanished overnight and undoubtedly left many customers out of pocket. BooktheBet will argue that Anthony was merely a victim and was screwed out of money just like many of Marty's customers, and because Anthony needed a job BooktheBet employed him, but that is all he is - an employee.

When previously questioned Anthony has actually denied knowing Marty but amazingly and at this point in time, I will say allegedly Anthony and Marty have been involved in two other previous scams.

Essentially there is no historical information that indicates BookTheBet and sister site PornSportsBook are in any way honorable!

Unusually BookTheBet offers American Express as a deposit method which is likely to attract a lot of customers because it is not a common option in the gaming industry. Transfers are made in the name Business Plus Inc Hinsdale IL. Be warned! Do not let anything attract you to this operator, they have a huge history of customer complaints and no pay situations.

Customers have reported that they have waited months for payouts, most often when contacting the call center their email requests are ignored and agents make excuses when calling. Apparently the owner Tony is always traveling and trying to recoup funds owed by another player.

If Tony needs to chase one customer in order to pay another customer it compounds what we already know ... that this company is destitute.

Other complaints relate to customer service, but this is mainly because they are not able to assist customers who are requesting cashouts, instead they promise the person in charge will call him/her back but no doubt the customer never receives a phone call.

Some customers have questioned how BooktheBet got their email address. Quite simply, scam and high risk operators purchase stolen customer data and typically offer amazing promotions to tempt unwitting and/or naive customers in to making a deposit- don't be fooled, it's a Trojan horse and you will regret ever putting money in to this book.

Stay away from BookTheBet and PornSportsBook, stick with the more reputable and high ranking sites on Sports Gambling Review such as Advantage Sports Betting, BetCRIS, Canbet, Mansion, Pinnacle, SkyBook and/or VIP.

SGR Sports Gambling Review rates BooktheBet : Sportsbook Rating for BookTheBet is a Single Star