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007Bets Review

Sportsbook Name: 007Bets
Sportsbook URL: Merged with Yishengbo
Sportsbook Review of 007Bets
2006/11/29 - Update by Brian Taylor

After verifying our information for update, we noticed that 007Bets now redirects to Yishengbo wihch is also owned by BetOnSports PLC

2006/09/11 - Review by Ira Nanson

007Bets are connected to BetonSports Plc so unless you have been visiting another planet lately you will know all about the BOS fiasco. Now servicing only the European and Asian markets 007Bets and related site EasyBets are the only two remaining sites left online, however their future is somewhat questionable since customer faith has long gone.

The stability of the company declined rapidly following the indictment issued by the Department of Justice and now bettors are warned to play with caution.

Overall the sportsbetting industry is a highly competitive environment and security outweighs any sense of loyalty to this one time highly regarded operation.

Quite simply your investment would be safer with the top listed books such as BetCRIS, VIP, Pinnacle, Advantage Sports Betting, Bet365 and CanBet.

SGR Sports Gambling Review rates 007Bets : SGR Rating of 007Bets is 1.5 Stars