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Bet Bookie Review

Sportsbook Name: Bet Bookie
Sportsbook URL: Off Line
Sportsbook Review of Bet Bookie

2006/10/27 - Update by Brian Taylor

BetBookie is now off line and the domain is for sale.

2006/10/17 - Review by Ira Nanson

After a spate of slow pay and no pay complaints the Bet Bookie domain may now be for sale by the owners. Worried customers had hoped that World Gaming would purchase it but unfortunately they have no intention of taking over any Phoenix Rising sites or their debts.

Other sportsbooks related to Phoenix Rising Ltd and still online include: Bookie-Casino, CustomBets and MrSportsbet.

It is most unlikely that customers will receive any settlement from Phoenix Rising Ltd, typically scam sites have no financial structure and rely heavily on depositors to keep them in business.

If you are a still member of any of their sites we strongly advise that you request a payout as early as possible and invest your money in a more respectable and secure betting environment.

Check out the top ranking sites on Sports Gambling Review such as Advantage Sports Betting, Bet365, CasCade, MyBookie, VCBet or WagerWeb.

If you choose a site that is insured at SGR you are guaranteed to receive your funds up to the insured amount if the company goes out of business or refuse a payout without justifiable cause.

SGR Sports Gambling Review rates Bet Bookie: Sportsbook Rating by SGR for Bet Bookie is Half a Star