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2K Sports Bet

SGR Sportsbook Rating of 2K Sports Bet is 1 Star

2K Sports Bet Review

Sportsbook Name: 2K Sports Bet
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Sportsbook Review of 2K Sports Bet

2006/09/11 - Review by Ira Nanson

Online since 2001 and part of the FutureBet organization 2k Sports Bet join a long list of related sites:

There are more sportsbook listed under FutureBet in other online listings but we weeded out for you all the ones that are temporarely offline or that redirect to another FutureBet partner.

They offer wagering on all major sporting events but do they provide quality service? Absolutely not!

Using proprietary owned software the site moves very slow and encounters frequent server and connectivity problems. They have a lousy reputation and cannot be trusted with other peoples money. In-fact be warned - stay away from of any site related to the turnkey provider Futurebet since players are complaining about No Pays on a daily basis.

It is understood that FutureBet was actually purchased by CYOP Systems International Inc for the sum of $1.2 million on terms but unless they have a great reputation building strategy and can literally pull the bad name from the bottom of the industry list we will simply say "stay away"!

Stick with the guys with the proven long standing reputation like BetWWTS, VCBet, VIP, Bet365, BetGameday and Pinnacle.

SGR Sports Gambling Review rate 2k Sports Bet SGR Sportsbook Rating of 2K Sports Bet is 1 Star