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OMNI Sportsbook

Sportsbook Rating from SGR for OMNI Sportsbook is 1 Star

OMNI Sportsbook Review

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Sportsbook Review of OMNI Sportsbook
2007/08/03 - Review by Ira Nanson

This offshore bookmaker offers wagering lines on all the major sporting events such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, horse racing, auto racing and many more. Plus match-up reports, sports news, scores and outstanding bonus offers!!

Sounds too good to be true, then it probably is... This is a prime example why customers need to research and educate themselves about the bookmaker before depositing any money. Chances are if you win, you will not get any money out!

Little Nasa manage to retain a very low tiered position in the gaming industry by operating with ruthless business practices. They have no concern whatsoever for customer retention and have the opinion that it is their business and so, can do what they like! Many customers have reported rude conversations with their reps, who often dismiss the caller by hanging up on them.

Put simply, Little Nasa have scammed players for years and continue to get away with it because they specifically prey on novice users who are duped by the professional looking website and over the top bonus offers.

Over the years they have amassed a mountain of complaints ranging from, but not limited to, bait and switch bonus scams, stalled payout requests, confiscation of funds and poor customer service.

“Things that make you go hmmm”...

Other books operated by Little Nasa and should be avoided at all cost include BetReduction, BetUS and SportsGambling.

Sports Gambling Review rates OmniSportsbook: Sportsbook Rating from SGR for OMNI Sportsbook is 1 Star