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House of Gambling

Sportsbook Rating for House of Gambling is 1.5 Stars

House of Gambling Review

Sportsbook Name: House of Gambling
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Sportsbook Review of House of Gambling
2006/11/04 - Review by Ira Nanson

House-Of-Gambling is parented by Empire Entertainment Ltd which has so far established a solid reputation as a high risk operation.

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The sportsbook is powered by World Gaming Software, a choice that's not made by any top shelf book however the most familiar ones to many bettors are SportingBet,, Bet USA, Bet On Usa and Aces.

The company is located in Antigua and the World Gaming software allows agents to easily identify a customer's location when using the live chat feature. Since I was in Antigua when I was reviewing them I was treated with hostility and blatant rudeness. When I questioned if they still accepted US customers, the agent Wayne answered "Yes, are you still employing? because there are plenty of people looking for work". It seems that Wayne assumed I was one of the many books located in Antigua doing some market research. Needless to say this book does not get my vote for great customer service and I would never employ Wayne either!

So what else is bad?

They have a consolidated history of slow and no pay outs, confiscation of winnings and the bonus awards are typically bait and switched.

This place is most definitely bad news, they don't even discriminate between big winners and small players they are just scam whores who screw everybody.

Stay away! Stay Away!

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SGR Sports Gambling Review rate House-Of-Gambling:Sportsbook Rating for House of Gambling is 1.5 Stars