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Sportsbook Name: BetButler
Sportsbook URL: Off Line
Sportsbook Review of BetButler
2006/10/11 - Update by Ira nanson

It was initially reported by SBR that customers would no longer have access to wager at BetButler effective 22-09-06. BetButler reassured customers that their funds were secure and they would simply need to login to their gaming account and submit a withdrawal request.

Days later customers reported that support emails bounced back despite instructions to email [email protected] should they require any information not listed on their FAQ.

Since the book is closed customers are now left without information or help except for the announcement on the BetButler homepage.

Additionally SBR has been made aware of some Moneybooker withdrawal requests submitted a week prior to the closing date and so far BetButler have failed to process any transactions and emails remain unanswered.