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 SGR Sportsbook Review of AllSportsMarket is 2.5 Stars

AllSportsMarket Review

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Sportsbook Review of AllSportsMarket
2006/11/30 - Review by Ira Nanson

AllSportsMarket do not accept bets or wagers of any type! But they do trade sports, infact they claim to be the world's first sports stock market and describe themselves as a neutral clearing house that moves the profit and losses between customers and taking a commission on each transaction.

Members earn money by buying and selling shares, with each transaction the buyer and the seller pay 5% commision to ASM and half of that fee goes in to a dividend pot. Players earn a percentage of the pot back whenever their team wins.

Players can basically trade on NFL, NCAA football and basketball, baseball, hockey, golf and auto sports. Accordingly other sports are added or removed depending on the season.

When asked if the action is gambling, AllsportsMarket will say No, it's a skill based player versus player game. To win at this game, players need to observe three simple rules: buy low, sell high and hold the winning team after a winning game.

It's complex but there is a comprehensive guide and help section available.

Using data tracking software which is fast becoming popular with many books trying to better manage fraud, AllsportsMarket automatically collects information from your system such as your computer type, the browser you use, the server domain name and what pages you access. Its invasive but its not illegal and this information is shared with their affiliates so you can expect to receive extra marketing calls and emails.

Deposit options are plentiful; choose PayPal, NETeller, Prepaid ATM, Credit Cards or e-Checks for US customers. The minimum deposit value is $25

Online since 2003 AllSportsMarket have enjoyed steady growth but it's hard to determine exactly how big they are, perhaps 5000 strong. Customers have complained that they need to know how many traders there are in total and how the money is distributed but this information is not readily available on the website and the customer service response is vague.

Another problem is with price manipulation and although ASM state that it will not be tolerated, curiously they permit buying and selling to yourself which can create the impression that shares are worth more than they actually are, buyers are fooled in to buying at a high price and cannot resell quickly or easily.

Some customers speculate that there are more sellers than buyers which mean's you may have additional problems offloading your shares, once you buy a share you are stuck with it until you sell it.

Some customers love it, some loathe it. We think a lot more work is needed to improve the functionality of this stock market but once the flaws have been eradicated it will be a exciting alternative to regular sportsbook and betting exchanges.

SGR Sports Gambling Review rates AllsportsMarket: SGR Sportsbook Review of AllSportsMarket is 2.5 Stars