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Bookmaker Rating of Betoto is 2.5 Stars

Betoto Review

Bookmaker Name: Betoto
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Bookmaker Review of Betoto
2007/01/10 - Review by Ira Nanson

Formally known as BAW but for reasons unknown the group changed their identity to Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG in August 2006.

In 2003 the company revamped their business model to include a White Label Program for the purpose of generating greater value by operating other brands under the same umbrella. In a five year contract agreement with Nomato Investments Limited, BAW was to act only as a service provider and the partner would assume responsibility for sales and marketing.

The first brand launched online was Betoto which was targeted towards a Greek audience and proved to be very successful in its marketplace. Consequently and based on strategic planning BAW (BWin) decided to back out of the business to business venture and bought back the White Label operations from Nomato 18 months in to the agreement for the sum of Euro 18.84 million dollars.

Domain names owned by the Bwin group include Betoto, BetAndWin, BetEurope and PlayIt

The book is powered using Chartwell software which is also used by the highly respected Coral Eurobet Group, England.

Betoto have an impressive list of betting options available ranging from the most popular American sports, auto racing, winter sports, soccer, rugby, boxing and tennis to the not so popular biathlon, table tennis, lacrosse, futsal, bandy and cycling.

There is also wagering opportunities for live betting, horse racing, greyhounds, casino, poker and games.

Deposit methods include:

  • Mastercard, Visa and Diners Club debit credit cards. Min $10 / Max $1000
  • NETteller Min $10 / Max $1000
  • Moneybookers Min $10 / Max $1000
  • Bank Transfer Min $10 / Max $1000
  • Western Union Quick Pay Min $10 / Max $1000

Free Bet Card. Min $1 / Max $1000. This operated in conjunction with promotions and customers are notified via newsletter and required to enter the code number on the website to redeem the free credits.

The customer support team is available Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 2100, and Saturday and Sunday from 1100 to 1900 (GMT+2).. Although there is a telephone number provided it is not a toll free service and customers are prompted to use email communication whenever possible.

Although there are no reporred problems directly linked to Betoto, the Bwin group has a long history of failing to honor winning wagers and voiding bets using a bait and switch tactic.

One example involves the book offering Tampa Bay +7 for 48 hours when other books were marketing it at +3.5, when the game was over Bwin cancelled all winning wagers and citied the 'bad line' rule.

If this was an isolated incident it would be acceptable because bad lines do sometimes get posted even at the top quality shops, but Bwin seem to make a habit out of it.

Customer service has also comes under criticism for failing to respond to email inquiries and Managers that are never available to take phone calls from concerned and/or frustrated customers.

There are no financial related problems reported so if the linesman quits making mistakes and customer service dramatically improved the book would benefit from better ranking and bettors would enjoy are more reliable wagering experience.

SGR Bookmaker rating of Betoto : Bookmaker Rating of Betoto is 2.5 Stars